Boned PDO Prosciutto Crudo San Daniele packed in an elegant wooden box

It's a boned Prosciutto Crudo weighing approximately 8kg, ready to be cut by slicer and packed in an elegant wooden box. Ideal as a gift.

€201.00 (tax incl.)

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Whole boned PDO Prosciutto di San Daniele is a ham whose internal bones have been removed.

This product is packed in a vacuum-packed plastic bag and should always be stored in a refrigerator at a temperature of +1°C to +7°C.

Shelf-Life 180 days.

Before eating the whole boned PDO Prosciutto di San Daniele, take off the vacuum bag and use some paper to dry the surface of the product in order to remove the thin greasy patina.

Then, remove the rind from the lean side (i.e. the leaner and drier part), put the product on the slicer, always keeping the lard facing upwards, and start slicing. After having sliced the fiocco (the leaner part), continue cutting on the tip side. It is advisable to slice the Prosciutto after having chilled it well, so that the cut becomes easier.

For this product we have extended the maturation process to at least 16-18 months, to give it an extra touch that only time and good ageing can give.

Our PDO Prosciutto Crudo di San Daniele is allergen free and gluten free, so it is suitable for consumers affected by coeliac disease.

Product Details

Data sheet

Average weight
8 kg
Weight variations
The average weight may vary in the range of ±7%
16-18 months
Minimum durability date
If the protective casing is intact, the Prosciutto can last 6 months after packaging
Gluten Free, for consumers affected by coeliac disease
Allergen Free
180 days
10% including VAT