You can find the best artisan PDO Prosciutto di San Daniele in various formats, salami and typical Friulian Pancetta, several gift boxes.

  • PDO Prosciutto di San Daniele

    <p><b>Discover the best PDO Prosciutto Crudo di San Daniele, which can be sold on the bone, boned and cut in portions. You can buy it directly from the producer, since it's an artisan production.</b></p>
  • Cold cuts and charcuterie

    <p><strong>Discover our selection of the best typical Friulian charcuterie. Salami and Friulian pork belly obtained from the best pork cuts. Taste and fragrance are enhanced by selected and genuine ingredients. </strong></p>
  • Gift packs

    <p><strong>Discover our gift boxes, which are available in various sizes. They contain our best PDO Prosciutto di San Daniele both in portions and whole. Some of them also contain our renowned typical Friulian salami.</strong></p>
  • Sliced

  • Pasta

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