Gift box with half of San Daniele raw ham, salami and "Friulano" wine.

La Glacere gift box consisting of half San Daniele DOP raw ham, Friulian salami and white wine "Friulano".

€107.00 (tax incl.)

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-The San Daniele PDO “Half” ham is obtained by vertically cutting a pressed boneless ham.

It is consumed first by removing the vacuum-packed bag and drying the surface of the product with a light greasy patina with paper and then the rind is removed.

Place the slice on the slicer, always with the fat facing upwards, and proceed with the cut.

For this product we have extended the seasoning to at least 16-18 months, to give that extra touch that only time and good seasoning can give.

This product is packaged in a vacuum-sealed plastic bag and must always be stored in the refrigerator at a temperature between + 1 ° C and + 7 ° C.

Shelf-Life 180 days

San Daniele raw ham is allergen-free and is suitable for consumers with celiac disease as it is gluten-free.

-Our Friulian salami is obtained from the finest cuts of pork.

When cut it has a soft and compact slice, with a coarse grind.

The taste and aroma are enhanced by the right balance between wine, salt and pepper.

-The white wine "Friulano" representative of our Region: Friuli. Dry, persuasive and of great balance, it shows a beautiful deep straw yellow with golden reflections.

The nose is harmonious and fruity in the memory of sweet almond, wildflowers and white peaches. On the palate the olfactory notes are traced in a full and soft, fresh and fruity taste that make it very inviting. Perfect as an aperitif, it is ideal to accompany a great San Daniele raw ham, soups and fish appetizers and white meat terrines.

Average weight half of San Daniele without bone 3.5 kg

Average salami weight Kg. 0,6

Bottle White wine "Friulano" L.0,75

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