LA GLACERE S.R.L. - SOCIETA' AGRICOLA allows you to use the payment method you prefer.

At the end of the purchasing process, you can choose whether to use Credit Card or PayPal.

We do not accept direct payments of money or any postal transfer.

Payment by Credit Card

In order to ensure greater protection on all the purchases made on the e-commerce platform, LA GLACERE S.R.L. - SOCIETA' AGRICOLA recommends that its customers subscribe to the services Verified By Visa or Mastercard Secure code, requesting a PIN security code through which the purchases are to be made.

If existing funds are sufficient to cover the purchase and bank details are valid, the Bank will instantly send a confirmation of the debit transaction.

Customers will be shown an order code and the payment transaction code, and at the same time they will receive them by e-mail. Your credit card will be charged at the time of purchase.


By choosing PayPal, you can pay your orders by credit/debit card without having to enter your data each time.

This is a secure, fast and world-wide used payment method.

Security and transparency

LA GLACERE S.R.L. - SOCIETA' AGRICOLA is not able to know credit card information at any stage of the purchasing process (e.g. credit card number or its expiration date). In fact, these are transmitted via encrypted protocol protected connection directly to the site of the entity in charge of the electronic payment (bank or PayPal).

LA GLACERE S.R.L. - SOCIETA' AGRICOLA won't record such data in any of its electronic databases.